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Mawimbi is a small charming tropical "hotelito" with only 11 rooms, built in the middle of a lush tropical garden located in the beautiful white beach of Holbox Island in Mexico.


Hotel facilities includes 2,500 square meters (8,200 square feet) of beach with wood sunbeds, hammocks and swing beds.

This palm shaded beachfront oasis lies just beyond the outskirts of Holbox town, only two blocks distant.


Take a look at Mawimbi's Virtual Tour!


Our style


Mawimbi has been created paying particular attention to details and showing due respect to Nature’s Harmony of colors and shapes.

It has been carefully built and decorated using products and techniques of the ancient Mayan culture.

The curtains, bedspread and pillows are made from antique Guatemalan ponchos, the bathrooms are decorated with colorful Mexican tiles.

Likewise, tables and chairs have been carved and crafted from local trunks, as well as the whole structure of the hotel, the bar and beach.

All it nestled in a lush tropical garden.



Our pretty Barquito Beach Bar & Restaurant is right on the beach, you will be able to enjoy your vacations while you taste our delicious drinks and cuisine fully based on fresh local products.

Continental breakfast is included in the room price and it is served  from 7:30 am to 10:30 am. If you want to order something extra, you can choose it in the menu.

Our lovely restaurant provides you a Mexican and international menu that can change every day based on what the fishermen catch!

Of course, Italian pasta never fails on our table. The restaurant is open from 12 am to 10 pm.

You will feel right at home here!


The beach


8,200 square feet of white beach where you will find comfortable reclining beach chairs, swinging beds and hammocks.

We provide the beach towels.

On our beach there are multiple sunny and shaded seating and relaxing areas.


We also offer massage service (you can reserve it at our reception). 


Take a look at the virtual tour of the beach and of the seaside...

Ornella & Carmelo


They have traveled all around the world. After extensive travels to Seychelles, Maldives, Thailand, Caribbean, Greek Islands, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenia and Botswana, they finally settled in what they consider the ultimate paradise and created a small tropical style hideout.

When they started to build Mawimbi in 1998 they were thrilled to give shape to the beautiful emotions experienced during their travels, expressing them through the crafts and handwork of the magnificent local wood, decorating the hotel with big shells as light spots, and mixing carefully the gifts offered by the Sea and the Land.

After many years, Carmelo and Ornella still live in this remote spot, enjoying the simplicity of the life on the island and its wonderful nature. Sharing this everyday experience with the numerous travelers has become their lifestyle.

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