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Whale Shark


Every year, although usually solitary, whale sharks congregate around Holbox Island between June and September, when the ocean becomes very plankton rich.

If you’re visiting Holbox island in the summer, do not miss Mawimbi’s Whale Shark Tour. Holbox is one of the few places in the world where you don’t need to be a diver to swim with whale sharks and, if you are lucky, also with manta ray. You can see them snorkelling or from the boat.

These fantastic animals give us wonderful emotions, respecting them means respecting the Nature.


Mawimbi has years of experience in managing whale shark tours. The activities, made directly by Mawimbi, are focused on customers’ fun and on the safety.

We conduct the Whale Shark Tour with responsibility, Research & Conservation in Holbox Island, Mexico.


Our boat


Whale Sharks are 28 to 45 miles far from Holbox, so we use a special boat that is very safe, comfortable and fast.

  • comfortable semi-rigid boat. The safest boat worldwide also used by Greenpeace & WWF.

  • 29 feet x 12 feet wide (9 x 3.5 meters)

  • Quick Navigation: half time than other boats. We have 2 engines 300 HP each

  • Be safe for unsinkable

  • Freshwater shower.

  • Bilingual guide

  • Oxygen tank for first aid on board

  • For your safety the trip is monitored with satellite tracking.


  • Meeting point at Hotel Mawimbi, light breakfast and delivery of the equipment

  • We sail to the sighting area that is between 28 and 45 miles. In our search for the largest fish in the world it is also possible to find dolphins, stingrays, turtles and other marine species.

  • Once you are in Whale Shark, the swimming activity begins...

  • The tour continues with snorkel in Cabo Catoche: explosion of colors of the soft coral reefs where sometimes it is possible to see turtles and other species of Flora and Fauna of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.

  • Finally, we refresh ourselves in the Natural Spa of the “Santa Paula” lagoon. Swimming pool and natural aquarium of colorful fish where you can also occasionally observe flamingos and other birds. In the tranquility of this place you will enjoy our box lunch and refreshing drinks.

  • You are allowed to wear BIODEGRADABLE sunscreen on the tour We recommend wearing a long-sleeve shirt even if there is shade on the boat

  • Return to the Holbox pier

Duration: Approximately 6 to 7 hours.


PRIVATE Whale Shark Tour with our own boat

The key words of our Whale Shark Tour is responsibility, research and conservation, and we take deep pride in a respectful approach towards the animals and the nature surrounding them.




PRICE: 2300 USD    From 1 to 6 People

You will be able to enjoy more time swimming with the whale shark and you will not have to worry about the needs of other passengers.

You can choose the time of departure or return.


On Holbox you can find tour operators offering the excursion for a lower cost, but we assure you that the high quality of the Mawimbi tour will justify the difference in price. Considering that swimming with whale sharks is normally a once in a lifetime experience, we believe that an excellent service and a high level of security can make all the difference in your memories.

Please, read this information before you book

Please click on the "Book a Tour" button on the left to book the Whale Shark Tour. 

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